Slowly Adding Value Now That I'm Done With The DC Fire Sales

in #upland29 days ago


For some time, in advance of the release of Washington DC in Upland, I was basically fire selling all of my properties throughout cities that I felt were of little importance to me any longer.

This came along with a lot of backwards movements in my net worth and my monthly earnings totals but now that I'm through the Phase 1 release of DC and came away with just over 90 properties, I feel that I'm content with my holdings there and I'm just now coasting and slowly adding more value back to my account.

My next goal is to reach 300,000 UPX monthly earnings but with Upland everything is slow going so it could certainly take me some time to reach that goal short of adding back random collections in various cities that I don't need.

I like to simply add things that are useful me and that I will actually use myself for my regular gameplay style.


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