Not Even A Full Day of Spark Tycoon Production - Looking Strong!

in #uplandlast month


As of right now, I have two layer 2 games that I play a fair amount in connection with Upland (1) Spark Tycoon and (2) Spark Quest.

Both are quite different but Spark Tycoon involves continually trying to create resources for a game later to be released. Right now it's flooding the market with an over abundance of supply but eventually there should be a game that we all hope will help to burn a lot of these resources currently out there on the marketplace.

I'm producing about 200 lumber and ore a day, about 60 energy per day and about 80 water and 80 seed daily. On top of that I received 30x free treasure chests a day just for doing my regular in-game standard hunting.

Since I don't really have anything else to do in the game right now I've just been selling my resources daily and generating a nice little amount of side upx to help me purchase properties with in Upland.

It's a really fun setup!

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