Got all of my core 3 nodes up to level 2 for Spark Tycoon

in #upland2 months ago


There are three primary resource types in Spark Tycoon to this point in the game, Lumber, Ore, and Energy. These three resources help you to build out all of the nodes that are currently available to be made in the game so collecting those resources are pretty essential. By leveling up to level 2, you can make your nodes produce resources just a little bit faster, cutting some time off of their creation processes. I would imagine as the game progresses that there may be additional levels that do the same so having moved up a level already puts me in a position to increase them once again and produce even faster. With this number of nodes I'm now able to build 2 of any node type every single day (if I had the structures to do that) which I do not presently. Instead I'm just accumulating resources to sell and whenever I do come into possession of a new structure in Upland I can use Spark Tycoon earnings to unlock it and build a new node without having to put any new money into this game.

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