Easily my best treasure rush performance ever!

in #upland29 days ago


One of the cities that I play a fair amount in throughout Upland is Manhattan because I spent a large amount of money building out my treasure hunting web in this city so it could serve as the core of my New York holdings.

It's been a while since the treasure rush has come to Manhattan and also marks the first times that it has come to this city since my skills at hunting have significantly improved.

The amount of work and practice that I've been putting in has finally paid off as I've currently sitting tied for 3rd in the treasure rush standings with 19 treasure found. This performance topped that of some of the best treasure hunters that you usually see out in the top of the standings and is also the highest that I've ever been in a T1 treasure rush event.

There's still a lot of time with about 18 hours left on the timer but even if I drop down the standings some at this point it will still be good enough to place pretty high and earn a decent upx payout and the 0.01 spark reward at the end of the event.

Trending up in terms of my skills as a competitive treasure hunter!

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