Almost through upgrading all of my Nodes to Level 2's for Spark Tycoon

in #uplandlast month


Spark Tycoon is a layer 2 game built into the Upland game that allows you to use structures built on your properties to be turned into resource producing nodes for Spark Tycoon.

As of right now I've converted about 200 structures into nodes producing wood, ore, energy, water, seed, wheat and corn and I'm just letting my nodes work for me every day so I can either sell the resources out to upx or use the earnings to either unlock more nodes or to actually create new nodes without having to put any new upx money into this game.

I'm hoping this game is around a long time because it's already producing nicely for me, even with market prices having come WAY down since the start of this game.

Eventually there is supposed to be an actual survival type of game for Spark Tycoon too that will allow players to consume resources, so that's what I'm hoping for and what I'm gearing up for with all of these nodes!

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