Upgrading the Spillway

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To keep our pond in good working order so that it can continue to provide us with so much enjoyment throughout the year, some maintenance is required.
Over the years, the place where water exits the pond during heavy rain storms, has gradually narrowed as debris and the encroaching grass has narrowed the outlet.
This can become a big issue as you don't want the water overflowing the banks of the pond.

After gathering some flat rocks, I decided to make a couple of changes to the outlet of the pond.


I would be making the outlet a little wider, and would also be placing some rather large flat stones where the tires of the lawnmower and 4 wheeler track, when crossing.




Having completed this project at dusk the day before, I was up early to do a little gloating and cleanup.




Let it rain.


Our pond gives us so much pleasure, from the reflections of the surrounding scenery,


to swimming,


to fishing,



to connecting with nature


to boating,


to hanging out,


and just chilling.


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thank you very much @splatz

That looks great!

Thanks for stopping by @kansuze, I am glad you enjoyed!

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for taking the time to read and view this post, greatly appreciated.


Wow! What a project and a nice pond you have...I’m feeling envious

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Yes, we feel so fortunate to have such a beautiful body of water right in our back yard. Thanks for taking the time to view this post @toofasteddie

Nice! Ponds are so good for the nature life too, Great work on the upgraded outlet!

All types of life enjoy the pond, from frogs, fish, birds, and a host of bugs that it is simply amazing to see all of the activity that the pond draws. thanks for stopping by @movingman

Great project ! Great job ! lol

A job well done and well worth it with all the uses you make of the pond, I love that reflection shot :)