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April 5, 2018. Featured post of authors with good content in Technology, Security and Photography.

"We would like to extend our services to these posts, photography, and other quality articles that needs additional mention and exposure so the world. Help them reach more audience and to check them out. Please up vote or comment these posts by @shares"

In Technology, @arfaturrahman think "Solar" is best in rural areas. I have to agree and it is also excellent in urban homes.

continue reading his post and up vote to show your appreciation. https://steeming.com/technology/@arfaturrahman/perfect-use-of-technology-in-rural-area#@shares/re-arfaturrahman-perfect-use-of-technology-in-rural-area-20180405t052121960z

In Security, @tanata share her post about "Why Do Most People Choose Security Over Freedom"

Join the discussion here: https://steeming.com/success/@tanata/why-do-most-people-choose-security-over-freedom#@shares/re-tanata-why-do-most-people-choose-security-over-freedom-20180405t111000243z

And in Photography, @purpledaisy57 shares her personal mushroom picture.

continue reading her post here: https://steeming.com/wednesdayyellow/@purpledaisy57/color-challenge-for-wednesday-yellow#@shares/re-purpledaisy57-color-challenge-for-wednesday-yellow-20180406t013512325z

I hope you enjoy these posts. More steeming coming your way, @shares will find quality content of authors and share to the world. This is what's steeming is all about, sharing good content.

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PLEASE NOTE: All images are own by their respective owners as mentioned/credited by authors.


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Wow great job shares.
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Glad to know you like the update.


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