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March 27, 2018. Featured post of authors with good content in Photography, Life and History.

"We would like to extend our services to these posts, photography, and other quality articles that needs additional mention and exposure so the world. Help them reach more audience and to check them out. Please up vote or comment these posts by @shares"

In Photography, @imemy24 shares this funny photo.

See it here, resteem and upvote https://steeming.com/scary/@imemy24/most-scary-moment#@shares/re-imemy24-most-scary-moment-20180327t201014745z

In Life, @rezoanulvibes shares "Tips for Overcoming Barriers to Success" in his post.

Continue reading the article here: https://steeming.com/life/@rezoanulvibes/tips-for-overcoming-barriers-to-success#@shares/re-rezoanulvibes-tips-for-overcoming-barriers-to-success-20180327t004516499z

In History, @spayder shares an interesting photo in "Underground Moscow"

Find out why this is mysterious and interesting photo: https://steeming.com/history/@spayder/underground-moscow-mysterious-mysterious-and-interesting#@shares/re-spayder-underground-moscow-mysterious-mysterious-and-interesting-20180327t125534259z

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