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Our main goal is to help promote new members quality contents to get more exposure and help other minnows. A few things to remember about using @shares, consider it as a friendly reminders.

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  • We help to promote quality contents, no plagiarized content.
  • We help new members with less than $8000 Estimated Account Value. If you have more than that amount, you may want to delegate some of your Steem Powers to @Shares UpGoat Project.
  • One submission per member per day. This is to give new members a chance.
  • ADDED. Introducing @grumpycat Compliance. No more post-promotion allowed past 3.5 days.
  • Sorry there is no REFUND. Please read instruction on how to submit a post.

How to be part of the project?

  • First, you have to be a member of the steem blockchain. Create your free account at or After confirmation, you will have your account.
  • Then start posting quality contents or commenting to the works of other authors. The best part, you will receive a $ rewards after 7 days of posting or commenting.
  • FYI. If you want to review @shares Terms of Service again, please use this URL this will redirect you to the up to date Terms of Service of @shares UpGoat Project.

How to support Project or @Shares ?

  • Delegate Steem Powers to @Shares
  • Send 1 SBD donation to @Shares
  • Please vote my owner @Yehey for your Witness.

Please come back again as we continue to update this page. Bookmark website.
We promote outside of steem so we can bring new members to our community. This is also posted at our blog.

Thank you,
@Shares - UpGoat Project


Wish I read this earlier. O well thanks anyway friend.

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