Highest Returns on Steem?

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After doing an update on CBI daily lets try something different.
Lets see what the best return token or sp delegation service there is on the steem blockchain.


Cbi returns a fixed 20% apr on sp delegation and also on CBI tokens.
Currently it is returning around 27% apr
Raising 80000+ sp and selling 10k tokens (max initial distribution) in 11 days

Which token/Sp delegation service returns better?





any other?

Feel free to leave a comment below


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on the short term basis,tipu tend to offer better returns on an investment via delegated steempower,but on the long term,dlease offers a higher return,as for me i think @tipu is the best....

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Unfortunately you are wrong on both. CBI returns better on both tokens and sp delegation 👍 thank you for reply 👍

@votebetting from my observations i realized that @tipu tend to offer more returns on your delegated steempower...and it is easy to use their service too...

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@votebetting after looking at what CBI offers i can confidently say that CBI offers more returns than the others...

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this CBI project seems to offer an awesome return on steempower delegation and offer a good service which i would want to try someday...@votebetting

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That's the way to do it.
That is awesome returns can't what for the next round

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I think @tipu has the best return.

Feel free to compare tipu and cbi. I hold tipu and I run cbi there is a big difference I'm returns

Hi @votebetting

I can say that dlease is one that provides good service and has very high performance per week.


Service is excellent and a good front end returns not good at all. Less than half what you get with cbi 👍

Definitely Q token from qurator. Annual return around 18-20% and when you purchase for lower price than 3 STEEM, the ROI is increasing. Now you can purchase cheeper because many people are selling those. Maybe they want STEEM and Power UP? I dont know why but it is the best choice and paying every day. And if you delegate to qurator SP, you get Q token every day in return. So you increasing you "position" each and every day.

Cbi is returning a fixed 20% and is currently around 27%
I bought q at 3 steemp
Today the best price I can sell at is 0.51 steemp
Best buy price is 0.2 steemp
So how am I in profit?
In fact I am massively down
If you have any sp you want to delegate have a look at cbi and how it works.
None of the others even come close.
Rather than making money with them you are currently losing 👍

Why would you sell Q? The sell orders are from 2 steemp to 4 steemp, qurator official sell orders are at 3 steemp. If you buy for 2 steemp, you not getting 19,5% (at this moment) but 29,25%. Cheaper you buy, higher ROI. Sometimes I put buy order at 1,5 and it get filled. Now it seems even 0,5 steemp buy order if filled, that would make the investment with 117% annual interest if I calculate correctly. Is that bad? I dont think so.

If you buy at 2 today and need to sell for whatever reason what guarantee do you have you will get back 2 in a weeks time or longer. So after getting the dividends for a month or two you may have to sell at a loss and then you have a negative ROI.
Thats the reason I set a buyback wall and I buy back the tokens myself and burn hense the price will not go down and will increase over time. I invested in tipu and q and found they were both flawed hense I started cbi which gets rid of the 2 main issues of liquidity and increase in price

Yes liquidity is a problem with Q if you will need cashout soon. That is right.

Well... UFM is a lot of fun.... daily dividends for holding... sweet! ... but:
a) potentially earning %1000s return (if you win the lotto)
b) I haven't done the actual math, but the "instant wins" from the @ufmlotto look like they're paying out a fair chunk.
... but you already knew all this ;-)

Other projects (for which I also haven't done the actual math, but "feel" right) are:

... and a quick shameless plug: @PlayDice has some really great returns for a 0 actual Steem expenditure/investment... but yes, you use up 4 to 5 (+/-85SP) votes per day ;-)

Nothing shameless about it and have to agree with everything you said.
Common denominator is everyone involved with the mentioned tokens are all active on upfundme. So probably the place to be 👍

Had some CBI how do I check what happened with it? Using the explorer gives me too many transactions on SE

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I'm actually looking for something like that myself. If you find something let me know coz would help me out too 👍

Would let you know

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