UpFundMe Update: UpFundMe Token and [Soon] UpFundMe Network and UpFundMe Miners + Giveaway

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UpFundMe has been in hibernation for the crypto winter we just all went through, but winter is over and we are into a lovely crypto spring! It was near impossible under previous circumstances to meaningfully help people the way they needed. We were waiting for SMT release and it never came.

For quite a while #upfundme had a decent following, helping people achieve their crowdfunding goals through the use of steem power and community. At STEEMS height in value, helping crowdfunding goals was easier but when STEEM sank in value it became near impossible.

All you need to post for an upfundme is a goal, and if the community agrees with your goal they will help you achieve it through funding via upvotes or other means.

Thankfully the team over at Steam Engine came up with a solution to the SMT problem. To that end we created the UpFundMe (UFM) token for sale on the Steem Engine Market. This token will soon be able to be staked and then used on the UpFundMe Network tribe!

UpFundMe Market.png

UPFundMe (UFM)

Initial Supply: 4.2 Million.
SCOT functionality: Coming Soon!
Miner Tokens: Coming Soon!
Front End: Coming Soon!
Market Availability: First 100000 available for 0.100 STEEM, 0.150 STEEM after those are sold.

@upfundme holds 700000 UFM for giveaways, contests, airdrops and powering up the @upfundme account.

Why Buy?

The UpFundMe network will focus on crowdfunding, but the @upfundme account will also upvote it's stakeholders across various networks integrated into STEEM to maximize your funding potential! This means a person crowdfunding on UpFundMe could receive an increased payout for unrelated posts in #palnet or #steemleo and even weedcash! If your goals are in line with one of the supported networks, you could earn multiple tokens at once!

Steem Profits earned by curation on the @upfundme account will be split and then given to holders of the UpFundMe Token based on their share 4 Times per year.

Miners owned by @taskmanager will be used to increase stake in palnet, leo and others for the @upfundme account. This increasing stake will vote for UFM stakeholders.

After the front end launches for the UpFundMe Network, an advertising campaign will be used to draw new users looking to crowdfund to the UpFundMe Network. This will by extension, bring new users to steemit and other STEEM platforms.

Buy Now using Steem Engine

Details on miners, the front end, contests and future giveaways will come in future posts.

UpFundMe Token Giveaway!

Help spread the word and resteem this post for 10 UFM!

To qualify you must have a minimum reputation of 35, 100 followers and reply to this post saying "I have resteemed this post."

Giveaway closes when this post pays out!


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I have resteemed this post.

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Welcome back, lets make this project awesome everyone! I have resteemed this post

Sent, but I have a bigger number in mind to send once things are up and running

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confirmed, thanks

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Exciting time at steem blockchain, I have resteemed this post and looking forward to the project

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Nice to see this come back. I gave up on my clone of it because I realized front end dev work is not for me. Will look forward to giving this a go once its out.

It was a lot more difficult then, the tools just didn't exist yet.

It was a lot more
Difficult then, the tools just
Didn't exist yet.

                 - upfundme

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