Ufm back in top 30

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Ufm has managed to jump back in the top 30 on steem-engine.
This is mainly to do with the ufmlotto in my opinion and also the fact the major stake holders are mainly staking. This is quite different to most other platforms where people are mainly selling.
Won the daily Jackpot on my alt account @votebetting just over 2000 ufm
images (4).png
Staked and bought more tokens for todays lotto.
The weekly Jackpot is looking really good.
The new instant wins are awesome. With Mega miners, Tmps Ufm and other prizes up for grabs.
The price of UFM has rocketed and hopefully it will sustain the growth.


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This is big! The instant win prizes support a MUCH higher price of UFM, and it looks like we have sucked a lot of the liquidity out of the market. The whale to watch is madstacks, he has woken up and seems interested too! If his current powerdown gets burnt up in this lottery, we are in for a great climb this year!

Also interesting to note that both UFM and TMPS run autovoting support, as seen on this post, which also adds value to the token.

Great news thanks for sharing !trdo

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