Upvote Crowdfund - Project Self Build Motorhome - SHURFLO PUMP round 34

in upfundme •  last month

This is a new round for the shurflo pump today, thank you for the support guys nearly finished :)

Fund goal - $76
Total raised - $68.35

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Bitcoin - 14kW2EXaEvDQrAMYFwuPg1eddR5FCfJRSh
Litecoin - LNmSFMcNrryTY5E7vN8kmiWK54AqUfJMyd
Etherum - 0x29ba09b3f34266d6fd7b873d36a48d399956b8c9
Dash - XptKWBkghpLcBgLfMC7AFDfLsbJrjep2Mj
NEO/NEP-5 tokens - AHb2f2ZjKx838rZNtCgZB9AcxtfFVCudJX


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Here is a vote! My trail should kick too and throw in some.

Good job saving and stacking! Last night I got back over 100 sp again!

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