UpFundMe #3 For new phone

in #upfundme4 years ago

My phones display has been glitching showing white lights in left side and i want to start accumulating funds irl and online
Goal: 3499 MVR
Current: 85 MVR
Target device: Mi note 7 pro 32 GB variant

Am also accepting altcoin donations like dogecoin litecoin ethereum
Dogecoin: DTGAhEjh7dxpXjo6ZVDw1nCGgFPNQA3atX
Litecoin: ltc1q9dnprnhspy9ak2ppanga6vg583tjvlzjn2hcwf
Ethereum: 0x08A0e3d128fe8a5F9262644EfEf5d767677FCD9D
Bitcoin Lightning: https://dropbit.me/r/@killololjik
Any and all donations are accepted
If you would like to donate in some other way let me know in the comments

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