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Fund Goal: $200
Funds Raised: 1.5 sbd

Hello fellow steemians, so I am an avid gamer and an aspiring game designer. My pc is aging and my graphics card died on me. I am using a cheap one for now which was all I could afford but this causes me lag on pretty much any game I play. I would like to post on dlive and dtube my various game play videos. As well as play with all of you that might be interested in playing together. So I am hoping you all could help me raise the funds to purchase a new graphics card. I am not trying to get anything crazy, just something that can handle games like WoW, Terraria, LoL, and Minecraft. Again would love to play with others and would even set up servers for some of these games or play games with others on LoL or raids, pvp, or dungeons on wow and upload them. Anyway thanks for the consideration and help in making my dreams come true.

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Thanks :) steemit is great and the steamians are amazing. Ive always wanted to be a game streamer and this community is letting that happen.

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good luck with your upfund , I'm looking to get a new computer myself



Have my upvote mate, aim high GTX1080ti ;)


Haha would love that but its a bit much.