An Error became a random '5 SBD GIVE AWAY'

in #upfundition3 years ago (edited)

I updated the 'Fundition Project' twice, accidentally so here we go.
Guess what the sign says. It's actually 2 lines and a bit different design but they mean the same.
Easy peasy so guess it already ;) the First one guess it right, 5 SBD Yay yay!

Lots of lots of love,
Mo :)

footer II.png


@giddyupngo @soulast @gracefovour Hey all, all the answers are wrong and the right one is 'Love mama to the moon and back' which @soulast was the first one answered the closest so I'm sending 1 sbd as a small thank to come join this small humble giveaway ! :)


You are, amazing....
As they say "Small things have big beginnings." So I promise you that this won't gonna be a waste.

thank you....

Love me tonight, never look back.

Hmm, I guess I'm wrong then. :-)

Love me come rain come shine :)

You're way far..

Love you to the moon and back..........

Ok, so let them win! :)

so the show must go on.... :)

Love me to the moon and back.

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