The iCare Games Digital Exhibition Fundraiser Update 4

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Hi everyone,  here is the newest update for our iCare Game exhibition Fundraiser!

大家好,我们和iCare要举办的 智研得育游戏展又有进展更新了!

Last Sunday, @honoru and the students had there second to last workshop for the exhibition.  If you would recall from the last update, after the final workshop, all the ideas and project plan will be passed onto the interns for implementation which will be due out in December. But before that can happen,  the students must come up with a strategy and directions that the interns can follow to deliver the game they designed. Here is the run down of the agenda of their last workshop.


One thing that you might notice is that the projector had disappeared.  That's because to save costs, iCare had change the venue to a smaller office so it's back to whiteboard and markers. This new venue is within the Hong Kong Productivity Council,  which allows a venue share through a Co-working Space membership program that is half of that needed to rent out a similar venue. In addition, there is free Wi-Fi which also saves the cost of renting a portable Wi-Fi.

有没有发现投影屏不见了?这是因为为了节省开消,米高决定换了个地点,比较小,没有投影,只好回到用白板了。这个场地位于香港生产力促进局内,房间租金以Co-working Space 会员费代替,省了一半的租金。另外也有免费Wi-Fi, 省了要租Wi-Fi蛋的钱。

But changing to a smaller venue didn't stop the students from working hard to make their creation onto reality. The students and their parents were divided into groups. Two groups were in charge of designing and planning for new functionalities; one group was tasked with improving and providing additional contents for the game that is already out on Google Play,  and two groups were responsible for advertising of the app and will be making a short clip for promoting the games. Just looking at their whiteboard we can tell how much brainstorming has been going on!


Another thing that they did during the workshop was to review the progress in terms of the sales of their game. It was noted that there are now 28 downloads in total,  some of which are outside of Hong Kong which they are very happy with. However, they also noted that some of the other countries have only one download. They see this as having room to improve,  as right now it seems that these people who downloaded the game did not recommend it to their friends. So they have worked extra hard at this workshop to come up with brilliant ideas to make their game even better. Well,  Good Luck to that, and we look forward to seeing the new and improved games soon!


That's all I have for this week's update.  See you next week!



活动看上去很不错啊 祝进展顺利~
Looks good! Wish you further success!

Pue ipraak nyan,,,,😀

Menyimak creative tetangga

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