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Hi Everyone, after some delay, the game designed by @honoru and his SEN students at iCare is finally up in Steemgg. It’s called Word Search Creator. You can check it out in the link here:




The Word Search Creator is a word search game that allows users to both play existing puzzles and create their own puzzle. You would notice that you need to enter your username to start the game. At this stage, this is only for the purpose of putting a name on the puzzles that you have created.

 Word Search Creator 是个找字游戏,用户可以玩已有的谜题也可以自己创造谜题。进去游戏的第一件事是输入用户名,不过这阶段这只是用于记录用户所创造的迷题和排行榜。

In the title page, you can choose the language that is displayed – English, Chinese, or Japanese. This will change the language that is displayed for the menu items.



When you press the play button, the player menu appears, showing the available puzzles you can do, ranging from easy to hard. You will notice that there are puzzles for different languages. The idea is for users to be able to use these puzzles as a practice tool for language that they are not too good at. For example, I can choose a Japanese puzzle, and practice recognising Japanese Characters.



Here, I have chosen a simple puzzle where I need to find 4 Japanese words related to transport in a 6x6 character matrix. Every word that selected correctly will be highlighted on the matrix, and when you finish the puzzle, a pop window will pop up, telling you how long you took to complete the puzzle. You can also see where you are for that puzzle on the ladder board. As the positions of the words are randomly generated, so it will not be the same each time. So you can repeat the game over and over again, so practice and memories these new words or phrases that you just learnt. If you like a challenge, you can also try a hard challenge, which requires you to find 8 words in 10x10 matrix.



One of the key features of this game is that you can create your own puzzle. This is to allow users who are interested to teach other people their language to use this as a tool to make learning more fun. The steps to creating a puzzle is simple. You can get into the puzzle creation interface by clicking the keyboard icon on the right. And here, all you need to do is to choose a title, a difficulty level, and then enter the corresponding words that you want to put in the puzzle. Again, you can choose the language of the puzzle, either English, Chinese or Japanese. Here I have decided to create a puzzle about expressing feelings in English. Once I filled in all the words I want to put in and click on the tick, the puzzle is created. Now my puzzle can be viewed in the play menu and available to play.



Overall, it is a great little game that is worth trying, to practice your word search skills, and to create your own puzzle. @honoru promise that new will keep updating this little game, and even run activities and competitions for it, so stay tuned! Thank you again for Fundition to make this happen!




Looks like an interesting game, I like the "create your own" feature.

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