Christmas with family for the first time ever

in upfundition •  17 days ago

Wow. I've never been AFK for this long :P

But these holiday's were quite unique. You see, I visited my family for the first time. 

I was born in Poland, you see. But I immigrated away when I was very young. Since then I lived my whole life in the States. Yes I would visit for a couple weeks -- every 5 years. But I never had the chance to truly live and be with my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. They were always so far away. Half a world away, in truth.

But last year I moved back to Poland. I moved back for a variety of small reasons -- and one big one: to finally see what it's like to have a big family. Well this Christmas I got my wish :)

I spent Christmas eve and Christmas with my favorite aunt & uncle, 2 cousins, and their significant others. Then, on the 28-30th, I attended one of my other cousin's wedding! It was amazing! Polish wedding's go until 5am! 

Then, of course, was New Year's. We sang Sto Lat and drank and shouted with the whole neighborhood. 

A grand old time :)

I'm thankful to have moved here. Thankful to finally have something like a family. Thankful and eager for 2019!

And of course, me being me, during all this celebration I kept on working on this project. Always. 

So this is a massive update because I'd also like to announce that I finished upgrading my old project website into something new. Check it out:

If anyone has any comments or ideas -- please do share.

And, again me being me, I also put in 10 hours for editing my 178 hours of footage. So now we are finally to 98 hours! Woohoo! Broke through the 3 digit mark :D

And there you have it, 3 updates in 1:

1) Finally spent my first holiday's with family -- and talked about crypto and Steemit nonstop, haha :D

2) Finished upgrading my website.

3) Edited 10 hours of footage. 178 is now down to 98!

Thank you Fundition and Steemians for an amazing 2018! Cheers to a productive, healthy, and prosperous 2019!


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