Final December Push and Our Thank You

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This is it, the final few days before the cross-over to 2020; and there are still out reaches who have not received their food packs post Christmas while we continue to gear up to pack readily for their receiving.

Yet, without all of you, readers, donors alike; we would not been able to make it this far.

Thus we decided while showing you just a handful of our recipients (while we wait for more photos) we would like to personally thank the donors from various recipients locations...

With a little vintage Christmas-y feel as we welcome the year 2020.

Walls Ice-cream


When Walls received good feedback on their donations particularly from the ever green seniors, they made an extra Christmas-y surprise and shipped over another few more cartons of ice-cream; just enough to bless a little more including our very own Drug Rehab Center, Lifezone.


Enough to also bless our volunteers after a sweaty and tiring food packing routine for the recipients.

LK Fresh Eggs


Knowing the festive seasons the outreaches would need extra help of supplies, LK Fresh Eggs stepped up their generous giving for the end of the year just enough time for outreach locations like Pitstop to make a scrumptious, healthy meal for all the homeless, under privileged, struggling visitors who were look out for a filling warm meal to survive through the night.


Children from all centers were also greatly blessed as most of them are gearing up for the soon coming school opening in Malaysian schools; and a hearty healthy egg would do just the trick to keep them feed with proteins and the right good fat for their brains.


Outreaches from the hardcore troubled places in the district of Kepong were also blessed by the fresh eggs provided post Christmas Giving event, and these will help the families to have a healthy meal crossing-over to the year 2020.

Ladies Choice


Knowing that our year end Christmas Giving would have jams involved in the list, Ladies Choice decided to donate scrumptious large 530g peanut butter and jam for the under privileged families, enough for Christmas and the Chinese New Year, which will happen exactly in a month after Christmas.

They even topped up their salad dressing that goes perfectly well with the eggs donated from LK fresh eggs.

Last but not least, public donors


We are truly overwhelmed by the love of the people who are aware of our vision and mission, especially to help the children to prepare for the coming new year.

Carts of stationary collected from all our drop off trolleys thanks to public donors and Glad Tidings congregation we had just enough items to bless almost 700 children this round.

The support from all of you who not only read these newsletters and circulate around to friends and family is truly cherished in all our hearts.


Truly, if it wasn't for all the teamwork effort from all of you, centers like this drug rehab would not be able to feed the troubled young adults and adults alike in order for them to have a chance to fight the addiction they are so bound into.


All these children centers under our registration list have a little less worry at least for a few weeks of the month with their sky rocketing expenses due to inflation, and they can concentrate on other important monetary expenses like paying the utility bills.

Truly... if it wasn't for all of you

I could not stress enough how much we appreciate your help and support to keep all of us going.

We look forward for the year 2020 as we continue to bring more stories to your screens and we truly grateful for your continuous support and encouragement for another 367 days (plus today and tomorrow).

Angie Ng

Daily Bread Food Bank Director
disclosure: Daily Bread Food Bank one of the non-profit channel under the LCS (Life Community Service) ministry.
To know who we are, please do read through our introduction here in Steemit


Time flies indeed! We are already here for 2 years!

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pps: The liquidated STEEM here will be sold off to donors (Malaysia region) with Steemit accounts or within @dses charity investor stakeholders for us to purchase whatever that is lack for the Christmas outreach celebration


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