PH Steem Ambassador 2nd seminar done! (GPP biggest art group in our city)

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"To reach more talented individual"

  Imagine you're promoting steemit in a third world country, where no one heard of steemit, where no one understands blockchain technology, where individuals are scared to try anything new because of scams that you'll hear everyday from news as well as all over social media.

  1. How will you promote steemit?
  2. How will you reach talented individuals?
  3. What will you tell them?

How will you promote steemit?

  For me the best way to do it is to connect with the government and huge groups to conduct seminars and events promoting our message however this is now an easy task to do, you can't barge inside a government office and ask for their help for something they don't know and this is also true with huge groups. They'll be asking who you are? What do you do? and What's in it for them?

  Prior to my seminars we've been busy promoting the platform with our local tv stations and conducting events thats usually supported and sponsored by #promo-steem community namely @anarcotech @starkerz & @cryptocurator. @surpassinggoogle helped me realize what's important when it comes to promoting the platform and showed other ways in doing it too. Thank you so much for all your support!

How will you reach talented individuals?

  Almost everyday, scams of some sort is what you'll hear and see both on our national television as well as social media. This is the reason why we needed to give more effort in our promotions. Steemit is a blessing and it's our responsibility as promoters to present is as such.

  @surpassinggoogle guided me in his own way of promoting the platform organically by his projects like #steemgigs #ulog and #teardrops and I've been reading lately the book "Start with why by Simon Sinek". This is a must read book for anyone who's lost in this world and dont know what to do.

To help artists earn online without selling anything

  Artists are creative individuals they express ideas and emotions in their own way but most of them are not good sellers let alone businessman. This fact is true all over the world but its especially harder when you're living in a third world country.

What will you tell them?

  I believe more than the money aspect of this platform, the best feature of it all is it's diverse and amazing communities! Communities here supports each other to be their best self everyday! That's very valuable to anyone and that's how I share steemit. I simply highlight the benefit of belonging in this diverse communities! Anyone can do it too cos anyone can share their great online experiences with other individuals here on the platform! With this method you wont even have to explain the technology or what is steemit/steem.

  After that I answer their question in simple terms. Most of their question will revolve around how do they cash their money? What to post? What are the different communities and so on.


I'm asking for your help

  It's normal that they should all under-go the 2 weeks waiting time for their steem account but if you're willing to help I'll be really grateful `cos I can mentor them individually and show them the power of steemit and eventually together we can change their lives for the better.

  I also need financial support to conduct more seminars like this one in the future so your upvote will mean a lot to me.


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