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We come to inform you that we have created the account @escapeteamgame in the new platform

Resultado de imagen para fotos de whaleshare is a platform very similar to steemit with some particularities.

The most important of these is the existence of whalestoken.

These are multiplatform tokens that can be used to obtain rewards in the posts as well as to market them in the market.

In this link you can see the list and their value and complementary information.

It should be noted that this is being decided to remove the whalestoken for a time from the market so that they are used for the purpose they were created for, which is the rewards for the posts. With this they hope to grow the value of the currency WLS, which is the token exchangeable within the platform and that can be transferred anywhere and at any time.

The value of the WLS is currently approximately US $ 0.21, and it is expected that with this action of taking whaletoken out of the market, its value will increase considerably in the coming weeks.

The creation of this account in Whaleshares will allow us to reach many more people and make our project even more known in different platforms and get funds.

Also, since before the creation of the account, we got the support of some of their whales.

We have the support of @Beyondbitcoincas and @chuckyfucky, creator of the LEXIBIT token and of Ienrikex creator of the MILK token

BBCas.jpgImagen relacionada

This will give us the possibility of having important votes in our posts as well as having a weekly amount of their tokens that will be strategically used by us, be as rewards in our posts as well as to perform certain activities or contests rewarding users, among others to gamers, to give even more promotion and information about the game.

We have also created our personal accounts






In the case of the @matuca account, it already has a vote value greater than 10 WLS, which will give an additional benefit to the project account.



Hi @escapeteamgame, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @shloren doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @tloren ?

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Hi, my account on steemit is @fanisk. On whaleshares is @shloren :) Now I going to fix mistake. Thanks for you comment.

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