Escape Team Game and the microgames The reason

Escape Team Game is a MOBA game (multiplayer online Battle arena) development project. This is an ambitious project that requires a lot of work and time. The programming tasks are already underway (more information in the account @escapeteamgame) and thanks to them we can find some problems that we did not see at the beginning of the project, when everything was theory, illusion and good intentions.

The team of Escape Team Game is a small group of people incentivated to look for new challenges. Our interest in technologies led us to the idea of ​​a game and our concern for the deterioration of the environment and the little awareness we have of our impact on that destruction, made us decide for a game with an apocalyptic environment.

But to be able to make this game successfully we have found that we have to overcome three main barriers:

1.- The technological barrier.

        Rather than a barrier, this is about learning. A big problem can be faced more easily if it breaks down into many small problems. We need to learn many of the reactions of the game and its impact on the mood of the player to know that we are on the right path of creating a game that people will love to play.


        A lot of time to work is being invested in the progress of the game development. Resources are needed to develop and coordinate all programming work and design. The same goes for efforts to spread the game in the social networks. In addition, the launching of the game for the public will force the contracting of an infrastructure of hardware and networks, which can have a significant cost.

3.- Socialization.

        The success of the game basically lies in getting the most people to know it. This is the most critical, complicated and even expensive aspect of the entire project.

The Micro Games

We believe that a solution that helps us face these three problems is to launch micro games to the community. These are simple games to which we want to give an intense but short social life (the idea is 4 to 6 week). About these micro games we want to create contests, talks and debates.

Making these games is a great exercise for programmers and also serves to see the players' reactions to the different challenges.

When interacting with these games in blockchain blogging communities (Whaleshares, Steemit) we take advantage of this infrastructure to get possible supports, sponsors and financing.

By giving access to these free games and organizing competitions, debates, etc. in their environment we can engage users around them and keep them waiting for the launch of the long term MOBA game, Escape Team Game.

Last but not least, we can take our reflections, complaints and possible solutions on the problem of the destruction of our planet, through these micro games and the debates that we can organize around different topics.

Although I'm not allowed, I'm going to advance the official announcement and inform you that the first of the games addresses the issue of pollution of the most vital resource for life; Water.

Do not miss it and follow us in the accounts @escapeteamgame of Whaleshare and Steemit in addition to the account @steemitficcion of Steemit and remember that there will be activities and contests, with succulent prizes around them.

¡Reciban un saludo del equipo Escape Team Game!


reading your post it shows the game will be an interesting game when it will be released. Great job @escapeteamgame.

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Thanks for you support and interest! :)

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