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RE: When Steemit calls your home... (yes that did just happen!)

in #upfunditionlast year (edited)

Wow, this is pretty big and good news! It does show that Steemit is still looking after their baby, although I wasn't one that thought otherwise. People can be too quick to judge or to run on their fears...

Great that you are getting some good attention, your project is a great idea and a good way to draw in new users that are not crypto nerds!

PS, lucky you pressed the right button... Or the post would have been.. The time I hung up on Steemit!


hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that would have been a very very sad post!!!! LOLOLOL

well - it wasn't actually on my cell phone LOL that is just a fanshy shmanshy picture i created LOL as you clearly know. LOL why did i feel the need to explain that?

i have no idea. i'm just bouncing all day. forgive me hhahaha

and thank you @bengy!!!! We are really hoping to get some users in here and have fun while equipping them for growth in life :)


Lol, you are bouncing normally...

yep yep yep - but bouncing A LOT now hehehehehe