Update: ReggaeTube.io is Live | RS -Enabled on SteemPeak | New Menus on The Sidebar

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Greetings IRIE people,

Today we'd like to update you on developments that have taken place on the Regaesteem platform recently. Be sure to to utilize these tools to enhance your ReggaeSteem experience.

ReggaeTube.io is live

ReggaeTube is now live. You can access the site by visiting https://www.reggaetube.io/ and start uploading your reggae related videos. Please note that uploading videos of popular musicians is Ok as long as you state the source and add value to the musicians work. This can be done by talking about the song/video in the description in the form of a review/personal thoughts. Providing links to the musician's web page, YouTube or where to stream/buy the song is another good way to add value to your post and to the creator. You are sharing their music because you like it and are helping to promote it.

ReggaeSteem Enabled on SteemPeak Tribes Menu

We decided to enable ReggaeSteem on Steempeak because we admire the rich features and vison the project has. It is also a convenient way to get new users involved in the many tribes on the blockchain. ( As well as seasoned users). Steempeak allows easy access to engage with tribes that are enabled and this is something that looks familiar to those coming from centralized platforms. Convenience is the key to adoption.

New menus added

Find the info you need quickly

On the side bar menu of ReggaeSteem.io, we have added a few links that make finding out about ReggaeSteem services much easier. The more information we have readily available on Reggaesteem.io, the faster people will know what we are about. Below are the links that have been added so far. Please take a look for yourself as well.

Upload Video

Redeem JAHM

How-to Videos
Discord Support

More updates coming soon.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. We look forward to growing with you and bringing Reggae Culture and a nation onto the Steem blockchain.

Web| Tribe|Tube| Discord|Telegram| Twitter| YouTube

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Some good moves and I found everything.
The "most rewarded" reggaesteem feed on steempeak is starting to look very good with a variety of topics: music, tourism, sports, investing, reggaesteem developments, art, writing ... shoes ;)~ ...

Thank you. It is looking good indeed. Would be cool to integrate a similar looking feed on reggaeteem.io:)

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@reggaesteem, Thank you team for these updates. And i am agreed on Steempeak Point and definitely Steempeak is providing rich features which is effective aspect when it comes to Adoption.

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Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks man.

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Great progress of Reggaesteem and it is easier for the community to share their thought on reggae culture.

Thanks for the update.

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Thanks. Keep on JAHMin bro!

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