Video and channel updates

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Hey guys sorry for the lack of updates lately. I truly do love all the support and fans who have been enjoying my @dlive videos over the course of my time on Steem so I figured I'd give you some updates.

The content I produce for Steem takes a really long time (videos take usually a week of work for writing, research and editing), so it's hard to dedicate myself full time to making them once life outside of Steem starts knocking.

I've had to work a lot at my real job lately so I haven't been able to produce stuff as often as I'd like to.

But I'll be trying to squeeze in time for content whenever I can so hopefully I'll have more stuff soon.

Keep on being awesome!


Don’t worry about it. Life happens. These last two months, I’ve been to two weddings and a funeral so I write whenever I can.

I'm also getting married myself ☺️

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