Hello from the cold 🥶

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Long time no see!

A bit of an update here:

😳 California Fire

It's been a long while since my last post. The wild fire has driven me cray cray. My boyfriend lost his house, yup, burned down completely. We just went visit the property a few days ago and this is what it looks like...

I'm sure it's not that easy for my boyfriend to handle but seems like he's been strong and handling it so well.

He's still waiting for the insurance company to process stuff and now looking for some place nice and warm to stay.




😋 ASMR went viral

It's always been my dream to go viral one day on YouTube. We all know it's most of the time luck and a bit of skill. I have posted both on YouTube and TikTok and fortunately, TikTok it is! One viral video gained me 6 million views and a great the other viral video gained me 7.5 million views.

So far with 265k followers and 2m likes. That brought me 5k subs on YouTube till now. Believe me, sounds like it's not that many but for some people, that amount of subs takes years to gain.

Go follow me on YouTube already :)

I'm still in the process on slowly getting into eating spicy food in front of the camera and hope for some more viral vids.

Screen Shot 20201201 at 8.18.15 AM.png

Freezing cold California

No, what you see in the photos is not exactly snow but the frozen mornings. We were crashing at our friends' houses up in northern California like a real nomad homeless person #lol

It was nice and warm in the summer when I first arrived in the US but now it's getting into winter time... No joke.

We're now down in Santa Cruz and San Jose area homelessly crashing at my boyfriend's mom's house and sister's house. No more icy cold morning but still pretty damn cold.





🇹🇭 No Thailand for now

My passport burned with the house. I had no idea it would be so difficult/complicated/long to get a new one. Well, the regular would be easier but take 4-6 weeks and the emergency one take 2 weeks but super complicated to get one...

As well as we just found out yesterday that we need to cover all the
Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) Hotels in Thailand ourselves for 2 weeks. Mostly costs $2000-3000 per person so I thought, #fuck that.

I have alternative choice where I pay for the more expensive repatriation flight and have all the hotel covered by Thai government but still, 2 weeks in a hotel room... I'm just not so keen :/


Anyways, I have been missing the space and can't wait to share the moments, experiences, recipes and all with you all here. Stay warm where you are..

Me: Hello from the cold!

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