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8BitWolf (your human curator) here to let you know that I have been real busy as of late, so I haven't been curating much.

But that will all change soon, and I'll be on the hunt for great content to upvote and resteem.

Like stated previously I'm here on secondary account specifically with the goal to improve the content quality on this platform. If you send me any sbd steem I will curate you content. The more SP I earn the better I can reward hard working steemians.

Honestly F bidbots, I'm the real deal, you can talk to me and ask me questions and I'll give you honest answers.

Let's make steemit the shit, follow me and leave a comment. Feel free link a post of yours for me to review.

Your 'bid-wolf' 8BitWolf.

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Hi, I just upvoted and followed you :)
Follow back and we can help each other succeed! @hatu
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