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Yeah, 0.7 is looking great. Thanks for the update man!

the steemit platform is the way forward

You deserve being seen in HD quality.

Love your videos and enthusiasm Pete! Might I suggest considering up-voting more comments on your own posts and thus strengthening the FuriousPete community here on the STEEM blockchain.

From youtube to Dtube. Dtube rock!

That's why I'm loving DTube over Youtube now haha!

its great using dtube. Dtube is going to take over youtube very very soon.

It's always great to see awesome people -switch from youtube to dtube.................................

Your incredible post and the pictures you post are very inspiring to my mind, please support me and give me a lot of upvote and follow me include your comment, hopefully useful, go ahead and hope you succeed in steemit. by @zayanfaruk

Greetings from Venezuela I am new to the world steemit

wow , im just knew that steem has its own video webstie.. this is good for ytube alternative

i am here new to Dtube just created my account happy to be here

i'm happy that there is a youtube alternative , you tube has become to powerful now they can do whatever they want i lost my account with over 30K subs and now i have 0, anybody knows of a video where i can learn at least the basics here there is a couple of things that work differently than youtube

so good to see you here in steemit and dtube. we can call you a star and you will bring more people to steemit. i was used to watch your and matt's eating videos every single day

Greetings friend from venezuela excellent post I follow and vote

Good information. Thanks friend. Greetings.

What about interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger exclusively for dtube :D


is there a video with Arnold????? would love to watch......honestly


Did he actually say this or you just hoping it happens ?


No, man just my request :D

Wow. HD. I did notice that today.

KURWA! Great news :)

Let's hope there are more nice guys, who switch from youtube to dtube.

dtube rock you rock my man

I was at carlie(butler) and jackson's house tonight talking steemit anf low and behold your post came up in trending. They enjoyed that they knew someone else on here.

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That's great news!!! These are much needed features. I'm sure one day it'll bump Youtube of it's thrown. Has anyone else had issues loading recently though? I keep getting unknown error when I try to upload.

It's always great to see awesome people switch from youtube to dtube. And it is even better when they take their followers with them and come to steemit. We need to get the word out about steemit.

Thanks for being here man!

Greetings from Pakistan
I'm from Pakistan

New here in steemit


Hello there muzzie.

Maybe you got sick because of drinking the pee of another man? Just a suggestion ;o).

But get well soon, we want to see more of you here on dtube.

gosh...this is awesome. i think this upgrade is a cool and welcome development.. thumps up for the heads up.

@dtube You needs to add language film categories to make it a better place to browse videos ;)

0.7 is a great improvement, it is awesome to see this whole blockchain literally exploding with numerous developments. This REALLY is the evolution of social media, Steem is also the most used blockchain in the world with an outstanding number of transactions per day, we are extremely lucky to be part of this in this early stage of growth, great content as always Pete!

Awesome dude really awesome i started watching you 3 years ago when you we're on youtube but now the system is changed and it's gone wrong
So great to see you here

I really can't get tired of saying how thankful and happy I am to see another huge creator from outside really looking into this community with eyes of someone that is actually seeing :D That is just so amazing. Thank You for taking some time to bring some more into the community in here :D You are the man. Get well soon.

thank you for the info you provide truly a public service , i also need help in posting a video on dtube i am keep getting a error: invalid permlink character $ {s} can you please help me with that or anyone on this platform if you can help i would appriciate that. @furiouspete123


I am getting exactly the same error - did you ever find the answer?

I've very much loving this newest update. It's making uploading a lot easier for my longer video's. The idea that we're moving to HD is awesome news.

Hey furious Pete didn't know you were on here love your videos man your crazy! cheers :)

It's so weird watching a vid on here without any miserable ads. .
I must say I do miss the opening intro you used to have.

I would like Livestream on soon. It would be wonderful if this happen here.