Quick update from the etch team

in update •  3 months ago

We've had a breakthrough this week with Etch to fix the scaling restrictions of Ethereum.

The benefits of Ethereum are well known, but so are the restrictions. It is great to verify data and code, but it cannot scale. We have managed to merged traditional NOSQL databases which can scale to any size in the cloud with the blockchain. We did this by linking data in the NOSQL databases to blockchains with a unique hash identifier. This identifier is independently verifiable as representing the contents of the data, and the blockchain record confirms it was the actual content deployed by the user. Kind of what you can do with IPFS, just that IPFS has no index and we now do.... Vey useful for auditing bonuses and payroll.... Phew :-)

Also, we have created a dynamic interface for a smart contract to pay out bonuses. You can follow our progress through my GitHub page:



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