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Currently? Korea.

Wow. Can't believe it's been... checks watch seven months since I last posted?

Tbh, it's been. A whirlwind.

I actually hesitated on whether to come back here. The community is fun and I've made friends here, (@veryspider I miss you!!!) but I've changed my relationship with art. While it would still be great to be an independent artist, I think a business-first mindset really affected my creative process in a negative way. I'd rather focus on making content I enjoy, vs trying to monetize everything I create.

I've also been... less enthusiastic about crypto in general. At this point it feels entirely like fake money that hasn't been doing well lol. It paid for my new laptop, and I'm still holding onto some for now until the value goes up, but I'm not planning on HODLing lol. I feel that a lot of people on this site also prioritize the Steem/crypto aspect which can make things feel a little... idk, culty? MLM-y? lol. Maybe things have changed in the last seven months, but for now I think I'd rather just focus on sharing and reading good content.

Main reason why I liked this site was the level of engagement in the comments. People commenting and supporting each other, and seeing the same names stop by and say hi was the highlight. So I'm back for that and to see what my artsy friends are up to. But I'm prepared for and lowkey expecting a drop in engagement since I'm no longer active in several of the groups I was in before, namely SteemitBloggers (my own fault. No regrets. I'm thankful for my time in the group, but my life got too chaotic for me to continue on, so I got dropped. No worries.)

Anyways, I guess the point is, even though I was never really super team spirit about Steemit in the first place, and I'd always centered my posts on content, I'm just going to keep doing that more often and not pressure myself into getting overly involved in something I'd prefer to use casually as another fun social media site. Maybe the odd contest here and there, but I don't want to stress about the $ since I will probably never be able to withdraw anything into actual cash anyways lolol. And btw I'm not judging anyone who does take steemit seriously or is hardcore into the crypto! You do you. It's just not for me, personally.

I'm also going to blatantly and shameless repost my personal off-site blog posts here. I've done it before, but I'm not going to worry about whether someone thinks that's cheating or self-plagiarizing. I worried way too much about what to post and present on here, and it's just not worth the trouble anymore lol. I'm here to have fun, share my work, and maybe write some other fun things (for example, while I've been interested in Wicca and paganism and all that for a while, I've started really delving into the practice this year!)

So yeah. That's that. lol

Anyways, the point of this entire blog post was to update y'all on what I've been doing! So here's a bullet point list of everything that went down!

In the past 7 months, I’ve:

-visited Death Valley

-played DND

-dyed my hair blue

-gone to the RenFaire cosplaying my DND character

-submitted art for a charity auction (it got purchased!)

-visited the San Diego Zoo

-made and solidified travel plans for the remainder of 2019

-been let go from my main job

-been depressed

-drove up to San Francisco using the PCH and saw the city and some very cool nature, including elk

-finally visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium

-landed a freelance gig

-ran a half marathon

-hiked up the Vasquez Rocks

-started recording another podcast

-got let go from my back up job

-was even more depressed

-got my first tattoo

-went to my first gallery showing of my art

-packed up my car and drove cross country to North Carolina

-stayed in NYC for a month

-met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in person since graduating college

-started writing again

-kept being depressed

-saw some cool museums, met some cool people, and ate some great food

-got another tattoo

-went back to NC

-decided I wanted to pursue grad school and move to NYC next year

-started actually using my Planet Fitness membership

-went to Myrtle Beach with friends

-helped my little sister move into college

-was a little less depressed

-packed up half my car and drove cross country back to LA

-saw the Smoky Mountains, Cowboy Museum, Petroglyphs, and the Grand Canyon

-drove up the PCH again and visited Pinnacles

-flew to Korea for a month and a half

-had another freelance gig

-visited different parts of Korea, including Daegu, with family

-went shopping

-painted and did a lot of art in general

-squatted 30 lbs

-is still depressed but doing better about it

-finally wrote a blog post 🙂

So that’s… the main highlight reel, for now. I’ll be flying back to the states in a couple days and off to my next adventure.

I know this was a long blog post, so if you made it all the way here, thank you! Let me know what you've been up to while I was away so we can catch up. (And also fill me in on any good Steemit gossip lolol) Or if you have questions about my shenanigans, I'm happy to discuss or clarify or fill you in on the tea haha.

So yeah! If you'd like to directly support me and my creative endeavors, you can head over to my patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/corinneiskorean




welcome back, Corinne. Thanks for sharing what you are up too, I love your traveling adventure. I agree with you if this place makes you feel trapped or inslaved you should not let it, be free. I do hope you treat this as a place to casually share your life and work, always a pleasure.

Thank you! Looking forward to sharing more of my traveling (both past, present, and future!). Appreciate the sentiments as well.

Hey! I am back now, fully awake and I've sat down and read your post :> Wow, so much has happened surely during your time away from Steemit and I am amazed that you've got a lot of stuff done, and even more amazed that you managed to share with us your battles with depressions and even writing a bloggy post that is quite humorous and courageous :D You go, Corrine <3 !!!

Love your attitude and your spirit \o/ !!!

Some parts of your sentiments, I am resonating with them strongly. I think you're right that there are people who create art for money on this platform and I've really gotten the raw end of meeting / dealing with them myself. I've distanced myself since and so I'm no longer posting daily or commenting everywhere anymore. I feel like I was being genuine but a lot of others ........weren't :|

These days, I'm a lot more active at places outside of Steemit, to be honest~ It's nicer where there is no actual monetary benefits involved, sometimes...

Come back to discord when you have time, heeeeeeeeey

I wanna chatchattychatchat~

Miss you~

Hey! Thank you for reading (so long!!) and the amazement hahaha. Honestly looking back, I'm a little amazed at myself and how far I've come, but I guess that's what happens when you stop letting others and yourself hold you back.

im sorry you've had bad experiences with those people :/ I don't even think there's anything necessarily wrong with doing art for money (artists gotta eat!) but there is an attitude some carry that's just... not fun to be around. and even still others will just do anything for the $ which is also no bueno.

yes, I've also been more active outside of Steemit, namely twitter and instagram! there's a bit less pressure for sure.

(sent you a discord dm :P i'll be flying tomorrow but let's talk~~)



OMG !!!! I’ve missed you!!!!! Aaaaaaa

It’s just past midnight here so imma just quickly say that I’m super happy to see you posting again * ____ *

I’ll be back in the morning with a more coherent reply after I can read your glorious return post properly * ___ *

For now, ...... super glad to see you again !!!!!!


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