CashBack N448

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All STEEM and SBD received for this post will be shared among upvoters after payout

The amount of compensation depends on the strength of your upvote.
The reward for the post is distributed in proportion to the strength of upvote.
Payments less than 0.001 are excluded from distribution.

When do I get cashback?
When the situation normalizes сashback posts will be published daily. Сashback is made the next day after payment for post.

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CashBack N(K)CashBack N(K+8)

With a Hardfork 20 we have “expensive parameter” - the Resource Credits, and now the stabilization and correction of the work of the bot for voting and ratings is going on.

I apologize to all who can not answer your comments, every comment takes a lot of Resource Credits. I will try to answer your questions in posts.
You can follow the activity here

To raise the mood will be published random photos from the site

This is a photo of my great-grandma and all of her great-grand children. Sears must have been having a special or something because I (front row, pink dress) remember waiting in line for a very long time before it came for our turn to have our picture taken. This explains all the children’s bored/upset faces. It was miserable at the time, but now it’s a funny and iconic family photo.


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