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Verification Tips



  1. You receive the wallet email in your inbox, where you find your WALLET username and password to login with:
    → Click the acitvation link from your inbox, it will take you to your wallet login page
    → Choose a security question
    → You should answer the security question with the same answer 2 times
    → Then you login after the re-captcha is verified
    → Change your wallet password before logging out


  1. You receive another email in spam/ junk to verify your Kringle Cash BACK OFFICE account:
    → Click the confirmation link from received email
    → Click "Not Spam" in the menu to move the email to your inbox
    → You should be redirected to Kringle Cash website login view
    → To login to your Back Office you need to use the email ID and password you signed up with in Kringle Cash
    → You can see your Dashboard and the Menu
    → You click "Profile" and you update the info

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