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Google is working on a fix for malicious Calendar spam

"Since at least May of this year, malicious individuals have been sending Gmail users unsolicited Calendar invites. The scam takes advantage of the fact most people have their Google accounts set to automatically add and notify them of Calendar invites. Since …"


Cowboy's first e-bike solves the removable battery problem

" Electric bicycles usually come in two flavors: either a gorgeous two-wheeler with a non-removable battery inside the frame, out of sight, or a design-be-damned mode of transportation that has the battery stuck to its frame like a hideous torpedo. For..."


Build your own cheap drum machine from cardboard and arcade buttons

" Even the most inexpensive drum machines still tend to be not-so-trivial purchases, but you may have an easier time rationalizing this one. Rhythmo has started a crowdfunding campaign for the Beatbox, a build-it-yourself MIDI drum machine kit aimed at..."


Faraday Future's new CEO hails from BMW's i8 team

" The reports were true: Faraday Future is changing CEOs. The automotive startup's CEO Jia Yueting has stepped down and will be replaced by Dr. Carsten Breitfeld (above), the former head of BMW's i8 development program and the co-founder of rival EV m..."


A hidden da Vinci lurks beneath 'The Virgin of the Rocks'

" Researchers at the National Gallery of London have used cutting-edge techniques to reveal a hidden drawing beneath Leonardo da Vinci's The Virgin of the Rocks. It shows that the great artist and his assistants, after laying out the original design, e..."


贾跃亭辞去 Faraday Future CEO 职务

"上周 Faraday Future 爆出的高层变动消息,今日便得到了正式确认。就在刚才风波缠身的贾跃亭宣布将会辞去 CEO 一职,从此转任首席产品和用户官,负责「互联网生态系统战略的整体落实」和「领导人工智能、产品定义、用户获取、用户体验和用户运营等相关工作」。 另一家知名新兴电动车厂拜腾原来的联合创始人 Carsten Breitfeld(5 个月前离职),将会接替贾跃亭在 FF 的职务。他将「全面带领公司核心团队实现战略目标,持续打造行业领先的技术及产品,并重点推动正在进行的融资活动」。 「作为 Fara…"


What we're listening to: Surfbort and 'Kermode and Mayo's Film Review'

" In the September installment of our audio IRL, contributing writer Christine Fisher praises "one of New York's last (only?) great punk bands," and contributing writer Kris Holt tells us why a BBC film podcast deserves a listen."


The NFL's new TikTok account is all about highlights and sideline moments

" The National Football League is hyping up its 100th season with a TikTok partnership. Today, the NFL is launching an official TikTok account with packaged highlights, sideline moments and behind-the-scenes footage. To get things started, it's promoting a #WeR…"


SteelSeries made the ideal wireless headphones for the Switch

" The Nintendo Switch has a lot going for it, but it's no friend to wireless headphones. After launching without Bluetooth support, Nintendo eventually enabled support for wireless headphones that rely on USB dongles — a nice feature, but one that's practically…"


Samsung's next foldable phone reportedly tucks into a square

" Samsung still hasn't shipped the Galaxy Fold, but it apparently has a follow-up in the pipeline. Bloomberg sources claim the tech firm is developing a phone with a 6.7-inch screen that folds into a square much like a classic clamshell phone. It wou..."


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