The flight of an unwanted child

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Once, there was a couple living together somewhere in Bohol (Philippines). They were very happy that you can call their life perfect. They have enough fortune to enjoy life as well. They were given a beautiful, cute and charming child named ana.
One day, a tragic accident happen came unto them. June 24, 2002-It was Ana’s 5th birthday. They went to the church and have their prayer of thanksgiving during the mass and Ana’s Dad bought a red balloon for her. They were about to live when suddenly the balloon of their child flew away and caught in a branch of a tree. So out of the child’s request his father got it for her.
Accidentally, her daddy’s right foot slipped away enable him to loose his balance and fell into the ground. There’s nothing that they could do anymore dead on arrival based on their doctors announcement.
Since that time, Ana’s mother hates her every day. She used to blame her for that tragic accident. She used all the fortune that they have playing casino –especially majhong. She were very busy to spending all their money. And every time she saw the little girl she always hurts her-through words or physically hit by hand and put the blame of the death of her husband.
“MOMMY, DON’T YOU LOVE ME? I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH MOMMY” the girl cried. But her mom just ignored her and said nothing. Later that evening, she was told by her friends to stop maltrating and hating her child.
Enlightenment stroke her and hurriedly went home and look for Ana. But Ana is nowhere to found! They search everywhere and she remembered it was her child’s 7th birthday!
Suddenly she received a call coming from an unknown number and asked her to hurriendly run to church. There she is, she saw her child lying in the middle of the street lifeless! Ana was hit by a truck when she tried to cross going to church.
The mother held her lifeless child and read the letter found from Anas bag saying: ‘ I LOVE YOU MOMMY, IT IS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY.
And there it begins the flight of an unwanted child.
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