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Last Monday night I found some time to watch this super cool TV program "Podium Witteman" bringing quality and also some unusual classical artists and their works to the viewers. It is a Dutch program, in Dutch language, and therefore only aired in my little country the Netherlands. Somehow I would have liked this program was recorded in the English language, since it deserves a wider audience. That said, it gives me an opportunity to pick the really interesting bits and pieces from this TV program and introduce you to it; The music as well as to the Artists.

copyright: Julian Schneemann / @edje | sources [1]

In the most recent episode I was impressed by the newest works of this Dutch artist 'Julian Schneemann'. Although his surname is very German, this guy is super Dutch :) But that is not the reason I'm writing about him in this post.

His latest works - an album - is called 'Caravan'. He created this album with a very interesting band. His idea was to combine different influences from around the world, by bringing artists together with total different sounds. He specifically searched for musicians playing unusual instruments, musicians with an open mind to music styles and forms, musicians with a drive to create something unique while working in a team. Long story short, Julian was in my opinion pretty successful in creating something very unique.

The Band members and their Instruments

The Drummer - Jeroen Batterink - who created a totally new and unique drum setup. When Jeroen joined the band, it was decided a traditional drum set would not do the job.

The Violinist - Emmy Storms - who uses her violin in two different ways, the traditional way with the chin piece holding the violin between her chin and shoulder, and the Irish way, holding the violin against her upper chest with the violin not touching her chin. Both ways of playing the violin, produces quite a different sound, and very interesting to hear the differences.

The Oud-ist - Jawa Manla - playing a traditional instrument from Syria and the wider Arabic world. Very interesting instrument with certainly a very characteristic and unique sound.

The Pianist - Julian Schneemann - the guy who made this project happen, and plays his piano to support the rest of the team.

This is what Julian Schneemann writes on his own website (about the album 'Caravan'):

Caravan connects worlds from East to West and from classical music to jazz and folk. Julian Schneemann & Friends sets out on a journey, ignoring borders altogether. Expect a breathtaking musical experience, in which you will hear Arabic and Irish sounds, organically blended with European classical music and jazz. And with all these influences, in the end Caravan tells a single story, as if it were an appeal for the power of diversity.

The album is available in small bits and pieces on YouTube, but I advise you to go to Spotify for a complete experience (link provided somewhere further down this post). I share with you two video's:

  1. The recording of the piece aired on TV
  2. The same piece of music, but in more summary style and with a video showing the different instruments used, including the unusual drum setup


Artist: Julian Schneemann & Friends
Track: Caravan ("Podium Witteman" studio performance)
Year: 2018
Country: Netherlands


Artist: Julian Schneemann & Friends
Track: Caravan
Year: 2017
Country: Netherlands


The Complete Album










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Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

You're Welcome. Hope you like it :)

Interesting article about an interesting concept. I´d never heard of this artist, but I´ll store the name. The - is it a kind of opening piece? - "Caravan" you uploaded sounds promising . Well, I´ll follow you now (upvote included) and look forward to more of these posts of yours. You might also be interested in our community "Sound and Sound design" here on steemit. Deteils here:
But anyway: enjoy your day! Rolf from the Czech republic

Glad you liked the share; Thanks for your information, will check the post later this week.
It is the first track of the Album, I shared. Check the full album at Spotify, the link is in the post.

Tnx, this is interesting

It is indeed, Glad you appreciate it :)

Friend @edje, thank you for sharing the publication. My daughter is a violinist, we watched the video together, and we enjoyed it very much! It is definitely a band of great quality!

WOW, cool to read you both enjoyed the band!

best thing that i found there is love to all and best of voice. best of luck dude @edje i support u and upvote u

Thanks for your support!

Great.. i support you too n upvote you :)

Thanks you so much! Glad you like the music, or at least that is what I take from your comment :)