[Untamed Nature] Contest by Old Dog

Hello dear community & @kus-knee)
I imagine the Untamed Nature in that way... only plants will remain))
Like this

But if I correctly understood the example, then you need a symbiosis.
Photos, where urban and nature compete for a place over time...
I have some:

NikonD80 | f/5 | 1/100 | ISO-200 | 28mm

Or this
NikonD80 | f/4.5 | 1/30 | ISO-200 | 38mm

Which liked more?

Contest announcement


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the father is suitable to be a photographer, because of me see the post that father raised it, the father did have a remarkable talent

He really is a photographer, but now he can not afford a camera. Thank you for feedback

such a beautiful photos!!! The last one is simply fantastic. I love to discover abandoned buidings where nature grow up replacing the cement and the bricks and this is really a nice example ^_^

I understand your passion! For me it is very pleased to realize that nature is invincible!

Thanks for joining in the fun with your nice examples!

I am glad to make this! And you are welcome!

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