📷 "Power Of The🍄 Shroom" #UntamedNature by @lichtblick 📷

in untamednature •  9 months ago

Hello dear Steemians

Here is my entry "Power Of The Shroom" for the #UntamedNature Contest which is hosted by our dear steemian @kus-knee

It is always a great pleasure for me to patricipate in this unbelivable good contest series- a huge "Thank You" to @kus-knee

Here yo find the rules:


Panasonic DMC-LX 100 without editing

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Es sieht so aus, als hätte sich ein Schopftintling dort seinen Weg gebahnt! ;-)


Gut erkannt, aber Verfallsdatum abgelaufen.

good looking mushroom and behind a cigarette waste!

das erinnert mich an das bad vom kaliberlin.... :-D
hoffe es geht dir gut.
hab noch eine coole überraschung für dich.
vielleicht bald wieder aufm tee oder so dann kriegste die guruji :-P

magic mushrooms ahoi (spässle)

pin ich zu mir

A very lovely mushroom. Beautiful color and nice shape! But I see a cigarette beside it! Hope it wasnt smoking lol
Keep up the good work :)

1st one is the best one!!
its too good

Your effort worth the beauty, Nice Art of clicking pics... :-)

it seems to an little umbrella!

Saya sangat rindu madu manis dari anda

very nice photography...
thanks a lot...

excellent your post Thanks for sharing i will done up vote

Now that is what nature is capable of amazing shot :)

We took too much from the nature!

beautiful shroom @licktblick.

This photo combines the gray reality and the wonder of nature. It was good of you noticed this and took a photo

That was a nice score. Did you just take it, or did you have it from before?

I love his contests and usually enter them. However being winter here I am having a hard time with this one.

Good luck in contest my friend, follow you😊