DIY Anklets Tutorial

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To continue with our DIY project here in Steemit we will do another craft this time it will be an anklet.

Thanks folks for all the support that I received yesterday. I am so touched on your messages and rest assured that I will continue on providing you some step by step guide on creating some DIY accessories :)

Here's the finished product :)


Since anklets are not that popular compared to bracelets and necklace I decided to create one. And here's the step by step guide on creating it.

First is the materials. We will be using my favorite the jewelry copper wire. 24879035_2008664262739878_1816745103_o.jpg

Then we will be using wire cutters 24879448_2008664249406546_2134134825_o.jpg

Fish hook locks, but it really depends on you if you will be using a different lock on this one.

Then the bead stones, I do not recall the name of the stones so please do pardon me on that. Once I restock my beads in the future and go to the store I will definitely write down all of their names for reference. 24740088_2008664179406553_319388351_o.jpg

Then the replica of Jade beads :)

The metal beads

And lastly the stoppers 24946161_2008670526072585_1860342326_o.jpg

First step is to measure the length of the anklet that you will create. On my case I did measure it on my ankle and check my desired length. After getting your desired length with the use of wire cutter you will need to cut it.


After that, you will need to insert the fish hook lock.
To secure the lock you will need to use the stoppers, the good thing about stoppers is, it does not only serve as a lock for the beads but also an extender to create a space for your material.

You can refer on this post on what I did with the stoppers and how it create a space for the beads.

This is how it should like when you use the stopper, you will need a long nose pliers to press it. 24879194_2008664156073222_957926156_o.jpg

After securing the lock, then it is time to insert the beads (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
After the brown beads, I inserted the stoppers and then used the jade copycat afterwards.
You just need to continue on it until you reach the desired result.

It will take you some time to finish it especially the part wherein you will need to create the space using the stoppers but this should be the somehow end product of it.


After reaching the desired length you just need to insert the ring, the ring on the fish hook lock will serve as the main lock on the item.

And you are all set! Now you have your own anklet. Actually when I am doing this and saw the final result I felt that this will look good as a necklace too especially if I will have a turquoise pendant like this.
Image Source

Just have a little creativity and patience and for sure you can make a beautiful piece too.
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A portion of the earnings from this post will go to the charity group that I belong to here in Steemit which is @steemph also the bracelets that I did will be somehow a giveaway to those who wants to have it.
I will be thinking of how's the mechanics of getting one in the next few days but definitely I will let you know 😇😇

All images uploaded are mine and taken from my smart phone.


That's really cute.
I just thought it's a girly hobby. I'm not being sexist here :3

Yes I thought so! This one is really cute and that is why I regret on not having a pendant for this. Tsk!
This hobby of mine started when I planned to give something to my co workers before. That time uso yung para cord na bracelet. So ayun I did some bracelets as a Christmas gift to them since I am on a low budget :p

Inunahan nila ako on giving ballpens so I chose that bracelet because it has multiple usages.

Wow. Ang thoughtful mo naman.
Konti na lang ang mga ganyang tao ngayon no.
Sige lang, humayo ka at magpakarami xPxP

Nako sympre di yun para sa pagiging thoughtful wag ka nga. Hahaha

Para pag may kailangan akong ipa tapos na workload sa kanila marirealize na I did something good to them.

Bwahahahahah ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

Aba tuso rin!
May ulterior motives pala. Hahahaha

Ganun talaga so alam mo na ngayon ang gagawin. Nagka idea ka na mula sa akin. Bwahahah ayan na ang regalo ko sa iyo ngayong Pasko. I am giving you the copyrights para gawin yang technique ko.

Hahahahaha xD
Thanks but no thanks. I don't really do girly things or anything related sa gawaing-kamay. Pasmado kasi ako :P
I'd rather you give me recommendations on good anime to watch especially historical and mystery ones.
Choosy ako eh...

Bwahaha I am actually creating one kanina pa hanggang title lang ako at isang paragraph.

Tapusin ko na nga tong manga review.

Upvoted and re-steemed.
Ayaw mo use ng #steemph tag?
it is trending but no pressure☺

Thanks @bayanihan when I searched the bayanihan curation in the discord chat the first word that I saw was Pilipinas :) Usually I am using #steemph. Next post I will use that. Thanks for the info really appreciate it :)

Bayanihan only upvotes Pinoy posts with #philippines or #pilipinas tags. And Surpassinggoogle's #tilphilippines.
#steemph is another tag for Steemit Philippines Family.

Woohoo! Thank you so much for that information sa wakas nalinawan nadin ako kung ano ba yang #tilphilippines na yan. Hahaha sige sige gagamitin ko na yang mga yan sa mga ss na post.

Salamat ulit @bayanihan

You're welcome. aren't u always in the Steemit Philippines server..everyone there are helpful with whatever questions you may have.

Hehe medyo lang po :)
Usually bago ako mag ask sa server search ko muna sa search box ni steemit.
Agree all of them are really helpful po about the process etc.

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