The Virgin of Simala (Birhen sa Simala)

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The sculpture of miraculous Mother Mary at the Monastery of the Holy Heucarist is located at Marian Hills, Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga, Cebu, Philippines. The Virgen of Simala, or ''Birhen sa Simala'' was aptly named after the place where it is enshrined in the Province of Cebu.

It is visited by people of locality, other pilgrims and by local and foreign tourist as well, not only because of its beautiful and serene vast area which is well sculpted and landscaped but because it is believed that the Virgin is miraculous and that she has interceded for those who believe in her miracles and has done many healing interventions for those who came to ask for Her intercession.

The Virgin of simala manifested its popularity through word of mouth and testimonies by those who belived their prayers were answered and their petitions were granted.

Inside the Monastery, there is where pilgrims and believers together with those who are there just to see the beautiful Virgin Mary could hear a mass on schedule or just pray in silence for their respective petitions and thanksgiving.

Outside the church but within the building aisles, are some religous artifacts such as rosaries, icons, candles and other such an items for the religious pilgrims sold by the Monastery Sisters, proceeds of which will be used for the renovation, maintenance and other expenses by the monastery.

While this is sanctioned by the religious group or the monastic heads, there are other stores jist outside the enclave selling religiois artifacts and it seems business or the economic aspect of its thriving.

There are stores of shacks selling souvenir items such as t-shirts, maling, hand fans, key chains and other similar souvenir items depicting the area and other similarg
goods, not to mention some eateriesand other enterprising individuals offering parking spaces or a fee. This is just a simple.picture where in any tourist destination, enterprising individuals make a living, taking advantage of the conglomeration of people whatever the reason and whatever situation.

Nevertheless, most of the pilgrims or people coming to visit the place, are there for what the place is.noted for- a miracle or answer for their personal prayers and petitions.

In a Roman Catholic dominated country such as the Philippines, people do seek the intercession or intervention of saints, angels and most especially The Holy Mary on the daily dealings of their lives.

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I like the different colors of the candles...

Yes. every color has a meaning 💕💕

Nice post..i've been wanting to visit there (puhon) 😊😊😊

Puhon 🙏🙏 in jesus name💕

the story about this place is in a different level great place to visit. . 😊

yes let's go there soon maybe nxt yr.? 🙏😊

hehe hopefully.. 😊😙

It is. Thank you :)

One of the place I wanted to go and bring my mom..

it's a good idea :) God bless

Heheh Thank you 😊😊

its a beautiful place :)

Opo nkaka relaxed ;)

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