Heart of a champion 💕

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Everything was blurred, I feel dizzy and my head hurts as I hear the bell rings I knew that I still have a chance.

"You just have to keep going, just keep going", that was my coach encouraging me to fight and give my best up to the last round.

A year later I was in this situation all seems to be as we expected, I was winning and was ahead at the score card only to be floored by a one lucky punch that cost my championship belt to be taken away from me.

And now I want to redeem myself not for the championship belt but also to silence my critics and prove to them that I am still the fighter that they know, the champion of the heavyweight division.

As the bell ring, I heard myself says "this is it" one last round.

As we near each other I calculate my opponents movement, hours later this is the guy that I hated so much, the guy who stole my life and my pride, but now it's different, after 11 rounds I finally respected this man, he was also a champion like me and right now i am on his shoes years later when he challenged me to a championship fight, a duel between two of the best fighter trading blows for the coveted belt.

Everything was in motion, as we traded blows I did not hold back, pain, sweat and frustration I gave it all, this will be my day and i will emerged as the winner.

As soon as I heard the bell I held my hand up triumphantly, finally those 12 rounds of gruelling battle is over.

As the time to announce the winner all was standing still, I can even hear my own breath and it seems that my heart beat will stop and will collapse at this moment.

The celebration was intense, I felt numb and was out of my senses, all I am hearing is "Champ" they are calling me "Champ" suddenly I realized that I have won the fight.


My trainer and mentor hugs me and whispers, I told you, "you have the heart of a champion".

Grabbed photo (google)

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If you put your heart, things will follow.

We nee to have a heart of a champion.

well thats a story that you dont hear everyday nice..

yes and now I really feel dizzy bcus of the ** 😂😂

We are all champions..

Ive been there..hehe just keep going, sipag lang!.

just don't give up. :)

motivation is key..

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Just shows what you can do when you really work at something @prosperity95.

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