Untalented Art Festival and Entrepreneurial Day

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Students offers a lot in terms of their potentials, capabilities, skills and talents. They have done enough for the whole school year and now, is the time to showcase their distinct, wonderful outputs in arts and entrepreneurial skills through different booths!

The day was simply celebrated with the cutting of ribbons to formally open the Festival of Arts and Entrep Day. Then, a prayer was offered to God, singing of the national anthem and a dance salvo to blast up the whole days activity. The Senior High School have been busy with their varied booths!
Let me share to you steemians how the day went through this array of photos and narration of events.


Tikman Para Di Magutman was a booth for all food buddies. They offered various kakanin products and all time Filipino merienda foods like banana cue, kalamay, bibingka. They also offered various cup cakes, homemade pizza, spaghetti and a whole lot more enough to fill in your tummy!


CDB bazaar offered different souvenir products made by the Senior High School students like bandanas, figurines, photo art, photo frame, customized bags and a whole lot more! Their product was all made through a mixture of creativity and ingenuity. Below were some of their souvenir products:


The top earner among the booths was the combination of photo booth and tattoo art painting! For only 20 pesos, students can have their photos printed and have a tattoo art after claiming their photos.


For me, the best part was the catering service of the Senior High School students, teachers were having a feast of the various foods cooked, prepared and served by our students. The drinks was simply the best! They deserved all the credits! All in all the activity accumulated enough amount of money for additional fundings of the mini-hotel that will be fully operational next semester and speech laboratory facilities.

Everyone deserve a tap on the shoulder! Great job, a compliment that connotes excellent work by the students. Learners learn well if they are able to put theory into practice!

All photos are mine
Captured by Vivo Lite Plus


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I believe this will unlock the potential abilities of the students, which will aid them in charting a course for their future. Do keep up the good work there.


Super thanks @factism! Looking forward for your support and more power!


Absolutely! Regards

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