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There are times that life seems unfair. Our world is occupied by the questions "WHY?"

"Why I did'nt born the way she did?"
"Why he's allowance is way higher than mine?"
"Why she can avail all those expensive dresses every time she wanted to?"
"Why my classmates are all iphone users and i'm not?"
"Why they can eat on those fancy restaurants without breaking their piggy banks?"

When something bad happened, you feel like you're the most unlucky man in the world.

"Of all people in the world, why me?!"

Don't allow your wound to transform you into someone you are not.

We whine and keep on complaining about life we have. We feel sometimes that we took for granted in a relationship we're into. We became a good friend but the time we needed them, they're all busy. You put someone in first but you're only an option.You do the best version of you but you're still a 2nd placer. You worked harder than he is but his life is still way better than yours.

We never stop thinking about someone's life. Does comparing made sense? Does being envy made an advantage? Please keep in mind that we are all born with different destiny.


Start thinking in an opposite way. Instead of thinking how unlucky you are, why don't you think about the blessings you've got? The reasons why you're on the place wherever you are or just simply check your pulse. Aren't you lucky enough? There are people who don't even get a chance for life. There's a lot of people who is fighting for their life. Who are we to feel that life is unfair?

We are blessed enough that we eat for more than three times a day. We have a shelter to live with. A job to deal with, a family and friends to lean during stormy hours. We have a peace of mind because we're on a solemn place. We are free to do everything. And mostly is our Lord is always with us. He's watching you on you ups and downs. Life is precious. Assume nothing and you'll receive more than enough.

Don't pray for an easy life. Pray for more strength and to endure the life's difficulties.

Yeah, life is wicked and can be painful sometimes. Hard times can eat all your courage to fight. Negativity can kill the good thoughts inside. But please keep in mind,not everyone has an opportunity. You are a survivor, refuse to quit. There is no reason to give up. Your present situation is not your finish line, the best is yet to come. Use your frustrations today to motivate you rather than annoy you. Life is sweet! Let's celebrate and be grateful! Nah! Life is beautiful, just keep going. :)

The happiest people don't bother about whether life is unfair. They just concentrate on what they have.
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Everyday is a perfect chance to change your life. God gave you this life because you are tough enough to live it. This gift is all yours so make a wonderful journey. Be contented and do your best. Aja! <3

Thanks for reading!

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:) yes. We are so blessed. We are all here now! I am on steemit reading this post! I know that sometimes life just has to suck, so we can know how great life is also! :)

Yeah, an everyday reminder is be thankful on what you have and focus on what you want to have. ;)

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We all have different battles that we fight everyday. :) You never know what other people are struggling with.
We all are unique. So let’s continue living our lives in the best possible way that we can and embrace our indifferences :)

Yeah right. Never give up and always be thankful <3

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