Teardrops - Dedicated to @surpassinggoogle

in untalented •  last year  (edited)


He calls me pretty

He calls me beautiful

He calls me his

And when I morph myself into an ornament of his

Jewel to be admired

Perhaps even polished to perfection

He takes me down from the display shelf -

"You have me wrong baby girl, It is I that am indebted to you."

And a teardrop

I had earlier on had the intention of doing something like this. but simply because i suck at drawing, so i had to ask an artist to help me paint a drawing depicting an eye with teardrop. This is what he carved out and I hope you all like it. The whole idea behind this, was a dream i had this morning about a gargantuan eyes soaring up above the sky like an eagle. The dream was magnificent and relieving that i felt a sudden ecstatic on waking up. while making this post I felt I should tag this dream to @surpassinggoggle's #teardrops initiative, wishing him well in his endeavors.

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