The 16,000 Blossoms

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This was the first time I saw something like this. It was a mixture of feeling getting to see this in person. It was like being on a paradise. This is Located at BayBay City. It is called the Lintaon peak or the 16,000 blossoms. It is much more beautiful in person than what it seems on photos. It is actually just artificial white roses with white bright LED installed at the middle of it. Getting here is the only drawback with this trip, it took us around 1 hour just traveling from BayBay City's proper, and the good thing about it was we had the help of GPS. If you don't have GPS then it would take you much longer to actually find this place. Locals say that the perfect time of the day to visit this place is actually when the sun starts to set. The Golden hour adds on the already marvelous scene of this blossoms and makes it much more of a picture perfect sight.

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Haven't tried it there yet and love to visit someday.

you should try it :)

Nice Picture pero di nyo talaga ako sinama :(

haha next time teh

Wow! I wanna go there, too. Thanks for sharing.

you should try visiting. its worth it

I wanna go there too..😁

you should :)

Nagpapatawa! Nagbuburulok talaga ako! An huna ko hito nga tuod ito nga roses. Asya daw nga tanan nga nakikita ko nga nagpopost hito bagan nalaga man. Mekerenet!

hahaha ako ngan geap nauwat hinin..

Bruh sama ako next time huhu

no prob cge2 next time..


it really is maam :)


its magical :)

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