AWESOME ADJUSTMENTS MADE BY STEEMIT ON JEANIEPEARL IN 2017........contest sponsored by @surpassinggoogle

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I am thankful and in love with steemit.
Sometime last year I made an heartfelt article on how STEEMIT has touched my life,positively of cause. It's a topic I can't get tired writing about, it's a song I can't get tired of singing, it's a story I can't get tired of telling, it's a Gospel I can't get tired of preaching, it's a poem I can't get tired of reciting.

Jenny joined steemit, adjustments began.
I am really passionate about steemit, it is a present treasure and a future fortune, it is home. I feel like I have the best diary anyone could ever long for,a diary that lives on. Before steemit I do write stories on my Facebook wall,I didn't see any reason to improve my writing skill and be consistent, I just write according to the flow. I adjusted because of steemit, I took my time to make sure my stories have quality and I see reason to write often. This added to my joy because writing is something I love, a talent. Steemit helped me see this talent from a brighter side of view.

I have always wanted to sow seeds on others,do something they will forever acknowledge, be a blessing to my neighbours. Before steemit all I could offer was prayer, now I have graduated to being the reason for people's joy through my tiny worth upvotes, comments and introducing people to steemit. To me there is nothing more fulfilling than given someone a gift they will forever adore,steemit is such gift and I have adjusted from just prayers to real seed that is already blossoming in people's life. The day my roommate got her first cashout from steemit, she couldn't stop being thankful.

My circle has expanded from that girl that loves her space to a more accommodating jeaniepearl. Steemit community is just too awesome to turn anyone away. I am in several Nigeria steemit whatsapp group and it's been fun all through, I have met so many of them in person and they are really beautiful people, physically and in person.

I have learnt multitasking
I have become a big thinker
I now have wider knowledge of things
I have grown in confidence
I became a steem miner
I have become an entertainer and teacher
I am stronger
I am now financially balanced
I am 💯 better than I ever was
Big thanks to steemit.

Big shout out to @surpassinggoogle for this contest
Shout out to every loyal steemian
Shout out to #team-Nigeria
One love all
Thanks for stoping by
Have a lovely day
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Nice one dear..

Steemit sure is Facebook but with money. I am happy for all that Steem does for you and me and others.

No way. You can't relate steemit to the Facebook. Steemit is something revolutionary that Facebook is not.

Truly Facebook and steemit has no comparison.

I disagree
Thanks for your contribution

Steemit is indeed changing lives positively.

I have learnt multitasking
I have become a big thinker
I now have wider knowledge of things

These are great improvements in life keep pushing dear

Thanks dear
Steem on

Jenny Jenny! Sa come and share the money with me! It's nice meeting you through steemit and hopefully, i will meet you in person one day.

Keep steeming dear!

Thanks my troublesome friend

Nice put up, an encouragement to upcoming steemian

I am now financially balanced

Steemit has really changed a whole lot of stories

I became a steem miner

Show me the way......

Bigger you.... One Love.....

As a member ,we all mine steem

Thank God you are now financially okay. I can send you my account number if you like

Lols! Send her your ATM with pin so that she can get more money! You know money is never enough 😀

I will send it to her on whatsapp. Just send me recharge card to subscribe so as to do that

Aye le oo😀😀

@smyle you are onpoint

Nice one dear, am in love with this your article keep it up. Will be joining you guys soon.

Thanks bro
Waiting right here for you

Okay sis 💪🏾.

Awesome write up dear,the statement i am now financially balanced is one that cant be ignored....welldone

Thanks for accomodating us

Always good to be grateful:)
stay beautiful xoxo

The steemit revolution lives on. The train doesn't stop, it keeps steeming 24/7. Steemit has changed us all...

You always inspire me with the way you write, that's why I decided to be a member of your team during the days of Zarfund. Keep it up Jenny