A big thanks @surpassinggoogle

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Steemit is wonderfully filled with wonderful people. Saturday was hard day for me, was so tired and exhausted and still I had to go to work. So out on frustration I posted a tired picture on myself and mentioned @surpassinggoogle. Monday morning still abit tired, with no strength to face the day. I opened up my steemit and noticed @surpassinggoogle has resteem the post and alot of wonderful people like @teardrops upvoted and commented. It gave me alot of boost and made my day if not the whole week. Thanks alot guys


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Hey. Your trying and thats what matters here, share your life and be rewarded kind of deal. Good job you’re awesomely awesome too!

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We are happy to have contributed to putting a smile on his face.
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A tear definitely now has a value and its priceless