My Untalented Daughter

in untalented •  last year  (edited)

Hello Steemians!

It was her first time to eat a cake and look at her adorable reactions.

image image

She can't be stopped, we then let her eat more because it was her first birthday though.

I was touched by this one, she wants her mama (me) to eat too. 🙁 image

So I guess I'm raising a kindhearted human, willing to share what she has without expecting to have in return.
And oh, a grateful one too, because I bet she is thanking the Lord up above for the blessing (cake) she received and hoping to taste another one in the future too.

So happy and proud of you Reese even if you're just a little innocent cutie.

Promise to post more of my daughter's adorable moments.

Thank you Steemians! Mabuhay!

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Omg! Baby Reese you messed up! Hahaha.
You look so cute with all the mess. 😀😀😀😀

Your daughter is a preciousness.
She will be our cover image in the edition a tear now has value # 20


Thank you so much @teardrops 😀 I am happy to see my friend and godchild be featured in the edition #20 😀


Thank you so much

she looks so beautiful


Thank you @chiama

Your so look reese..😊

Pretty pretty pretty baby Reese..
You look soooo cute and sweetened up. Hahaha like literally sweetened up


Thank you so much @slimsieris.

She's a beautiful baby girl! Happy 1st Birthday!!!


Thank you @ninahaskin