Steemit does it better!!

in untalented •  10 months ago

I haven't gotten over the exciting ecstasy I had for Steemit as it keeps getting better by the day
And more goodies are to be claimed...I am truly overwhelmed! So I decided even though my first post was centralized on Steemit, l would love to appreciate them more cos' this is too good to be true. The little poem below is dedicated to Steemit....

Steemit blog holds a high esteem amongst other blogging platforms
Privileges offered is second to none
Blog site interface is user friendly with easy navigation
A timely source of income
Offers financial freedom
Steemit's stability is undoubtedly good
Easy to comprehend
Profit yielding is guaranteed

putting my virtuous pen in a little kinda way to show appreciation which can't even be compared to the so many impacts you've made to make my life blissful and my living better, thanks so very much.

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Well put sir. Im new to steemit as well and its all i can ever talk about now. So much FREEDOM! The excitment come because this is the 1st time we truly feel socially free..We are in excellent times. Much Love to you and yours