My encounter with Steemit!!

in untalented •  10 months ago

People complaining of the economic downfall, everyone keeps saying, oh! times are hard
little or no money to live a reasonable comfortable life. Oh! What a mess of economic crisis.
I, also a victim of the economic downturn, then begin to wonder when will this financial hiccup get better or better still cease.... As I ruminate over this, a friend in school linked me to a chat platform. Introduced # Steemit to us, taught I and a couple of guys the rudiments and how it works. Shared his own testimony with evidence of amount earned within a short time.
We decided to give it a a spark of silver lining in a dark cloud..A miracle deeply sought for... Steemit showed up in my life as a life saver.
Taught me how to be a blogger with a difference in profit making. Like a salvager,
I learned how to get ROI (Returns on Investment) via article writing which in turn yeilds profits on their platform. Then I get paid via comments and upvotes. I was like is this true? Could this be another ponzi scheme...hell no! It wasn't, its real.
And I would say coming on board has been exciting, meeting different authors of great intellectual prowess improved my writing skills, broadened my knowledge horizon and importantly earned my own token....
To Stemmit and its managerial teams greater heights you go!
#Stemmit is real
#more inspiration to esteemed steemians

I try to put this little piece together to show my gratitude to the organizers and I am really grateful to have come across your economic salvage tool (stemmit blog) to be financially viable!

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